Why Drones are Important in Home Inspections

Technology makes home inspections more effective when gathering information about a home. The roof is a major component of any building and it should be thoroughly inspected to verify safety and functionality. A home inspector who uses a drone can provide a more thorough inspection in circumstances where the roof is unsafe to walk on.

Many inspectors use a ladder to inspect the roof or attempt to inspect it from the ground if it looks unsafe. Sometimes the weather conditions can make walking on a roof challenging and risky, which is even more reason to use a drone. A drone helps inspectors spot defects in inaccessible areas. Hire the services of a home inspector who uses a drone for the best possible roof inspection.

Below are some of the reasons why you should hire a home inspector who uses a drone:

A Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone has Greater Efficiency and Attention to Detail

A drone captures an aerial view that makes it easier to pinpoint defects. The inspection report may miss vital information that may be crucial in the decision-making process if the roof is not safe to walk on.

Drones Enhance the Visibility of Inaccessible Roofs

Home inspectors are only required to inspect roofs that are accessible and safe. Home inspectors can get a better glimpse of the roof quality with the help of a drone before attempting to traverse the roof. If the roof is inaccessible, the drone can complete the entire roof inspection. Aerial views and shots capture hard-to-reach parts of the roof that also need a close examination.

Drones Help Inspect Downspouts and Gutters

The roof is made up of various components like downspouts and gutters. Gutters should be in good condition to prevent damages to your property. Replacement of these components can be costly. You can avoid these costs by working with an inspector who uses a drone to capture the small details. You’ll be able to determine if action needs to be taken to repair or replace the gutter system.

Hire a Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone

While choosing your home inspector, it’s crucial that you also research experience and reputation. The drone should not be the only criteria that you base your decision on. Find an inspector who has impressive credentials and state of the art technology.

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