Buying a home is an overwhelming yet exciting time. You’re making a significant investment and you want to be confident in your purchase, so be sure to order a home inspection. A professional inspector will assess each component of the house and provide a detailed report on the condition of the property.

Order a Home Inspection to Find Defects

A home inspector is trained to understand the systems and components of a home and to notice the smallest of details. The inspector will look at the entire house, from the roof to the crawlspace, and make notes of the condition. Your report will include pictures and comments on defects found with the property. From a crack in the foundation to missing outlet covers, a home inspector will note any found issues and safety concerns.

Order a Home Inspection to Make a Good Investment

As the buyer, there is no way of knowing the condition of the home with just a brief walk-through. Your home inspector will help you understand if the purchase is a good investment. You may believe that the asking price is fair until you learn there are issues with the HVAC system and a failing roof. Learn about issues before you move so you can be confident about your investment.

Information for Negotiations

When you order a home inspection, you have information that can be helpful during the sales process. If issues are found, the inspection report will list those problems. Your and your real estate agent can talk with the seller about making repairs. If the seller is unwilling to repair major problems, you might negotiate for a lower asking price. The inspection often saves you money since you can ask for repairs to be made before closing or a lower list price to allow for repairs at a later date.

Prepare for the Future

An inspection report is a document detailing issues, defects, and safety concerns with the home. If you purchase the property, you can use the information in the report to plan for upgrades and improvements. Create a schedule for making repairs and plan ahead to budget for the work.

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