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A Second Opinion Is Always Worth It

Make Sure Your First Decision Is

the Right Decision

The actual condition of a home doesn’t always mirror what you see on the surface, and that’s an important point to consider when you’re preparing for a real estate transaction. It can be tough to get out from under a bad investment, and whether you’re buying a permanent residence or a vacation home, you don’t want to move forward without having a high degree of certainty about how you’ll feel regarding your decision in the months and years to come. That’s why at Second Opinion Home Inspections, we offer an investigative home inspection that will help ensure that you’re in position to make the right decision the first time.

Door County Wisconsin Home Inspection Services

Turning the Standard Home Inspection on Its Head

We Go Above & Beyond

The ‘bare minimum’ isn’t a phrase that is in our vocabulary—we always go above and beyond for our clients to find out everything we possibly can about the home’s condition, including ways in which energy efficiency can be improved.

RecallChek© Included With Every Inspection

One of the extras we include with every inspection is RecallChek©, a database which we can search to retrieve information about the appliances in your prospective home to see if they have been recalled for fire or safety issues at any point in time.

We Use The Latest Technology

Technology is a good home inspector’s best friend, and we use the latest tech extensively when we inspect a home at no extra cost—including thermal imaging as needed, and a 360° camera to provide our clients with interactive images of the front entry, deck, and more whenever these features are present.

Use Our Login Page to

View Your Inspection Report in Just 24 Hours

After a home inspection is completed, we’ll have your comprehensive inspection report prepared in 24 hours or less. Your inspection report can be accessed by simply inputting your username and password on our login page, where you’ll then be able to view each inspection finding in an itemized, easy-to-read format. Numerous photographs of the home’s components will be featured, including the images we took with our 360° camera.

We’ll also provide our clients with access to the cutting-edge Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.

Homegauge CRL Digital Report

The Create Request List™ (CRL)™


The CRL™ works in conjunction with your digital inspection report, allowing you to transfer any defective items directly over to a personalized repair and project request list.


All you have to do is either accept a defective item as is, or click “Add To List” and select the request option that best meets your needs—repair, replacement, or reimbursement.


A request list can easily be a collaborative effort between you and your real estate agent, allowing remote access through practically any device with an internet connection.

Knowledgeable and Professional Home Inspections in Door County

We offer reliable home inspection services to home buyers and sellers in Door and Kewaunee counties.

At Second Opinion Home Inspections, our wide-ranging industry experience has given us the ability to provide a professional home inspection service that is virtually unparalleled in consistency and quality—helping all of our clients get the most out of a home purchase. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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