Trees provide shade, lower utility bills, and can increase your home’s value. Unfortunately, an unhealthy tree can affect your curb appeal and cause problems in the yard. Use the following tree care and maintenance tips to keep your trees in great shape.

Trim Your Trees

Trees may need to be pruned occasionally to remain healthy and attractive. Periodic tree trimming will remove dead branches so new ones have the chance to grow and thrive.

The second reason to trim trees is to keep them from growing too close to the house. If a branch breaks loose during a storm or high winds, you run the risk of damage to the roof or a window.

Tree Care and Maintenance Involves Testing Your Soil

Test your soil if you notice that your trees don’t look healthy. Soil testing is especially important if you’ve replanted a tree recently or if your tree is a seedling. Testing the soil tells you about the mineral content and pH levels.

You can pick up a soil-testing kit at your garden store. However, these DIY options might not provide you the same level of detail that a professional service will.

Use Mulch Around Your Trees

Mulch is more than just a decorative aspect to add to your lawn. Mulch works to insulate the ground around trees. This protects trees from temperature changes and helps them retain more water. Mulch is especially helpful for young trees.

Add mulch around the base of your trees. Apply it 4 to 6 inches away from the trunk and about 3” deep.

Tree Care and Maintenance: Water Your Trees

It’s important to water young, newly planted trees until they are well established. You may want to water large trees in times of drought. Clay soil holds on to moisture more effectively than sandy soil so you may need to water more frequently if you have sandy soil.

Remove Vines

Vines smother trees and prevent sunlight from reaching the leaves. If vines grow unhindered, they can completely cover branches and trunks. The result is an unhealthy tree that is at risk of falling.

Use garden clippers to cut vines away from a tree’s trunk. Be careful not to cut tree bark as you work to remove the vine. Pull the vine’s roots out of the soil to prevent any damage to your tree in the future. The best time to perform this work is after watering or rainfall so they are easier to pull out.

Following these simple tree care and maintenance steps will help your trees stay healthy.

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