Plumbing issues are not just a minor concern. A home might experience water damage, structural issues, and mold growth due to leaking pipes. Over time, these issues can become worse and may require costly repairs. To be a good homeowner, pay attention to common signs of a plumbing problem in your home.

Unusual Sounds From the Pipes

If you notice unusual sounds coming from your faucets or inside your walls when you turn the faucet on, this could indicate a problem. Air trapped in your pipes can produce banging, squealing, or rumbling sounds that you may hear when you use the tap. This is called a “water hammer” and it can occur when the water is turned on or off suddenly. You may also notice hissing or gurgling as the air bubbles travel through the pipes.

Strange Odors Can be Signs of a Plumbing Problem

You may notice unpleasant odors coming from your plumbing drains. A vent might be blocked, or there might be damage to your sewer line. Call a plumber to assess the problem and make repairs.

Slow Drains

A slow drain can be a sign of severe plumbing problems. This suggests there is a clog in your system or in the water main. It could also be a sign of a pipe that has become dislodged or even blocked by tree roots.

Try to deal with clogs by pouring boiling water down the slow drain. You might also use a drain snake to break it up. If you are dealing with a single slow drain, it’s probably a clog higher in the pipes. However, if multiple drains in your home are slow, this indicates a bigger problem.

Stained Walls Can Indicate a Plumbing Problem

Be aware of staining or dark spots on walls, ceilings, and floors. These may be brown or yellow and indicate water damage. Try to determine where the water is coming from or call for professional help. Water damage can cause a sagging ceiling, peeling paint, and rot in flooring or the framework of your home.

Mold Growth

Stained walls are often only the first visible sign of a problem. Damp spaces within walls and ceiling are conducive to mold growth. It generally only takes 24-48 hours for mold to develop. If you notice mold, this is a sign that there is a moisture problem in your home. Look for plumbing leaks or moisture intrusion from the roofing. You’ll need to repair leaks as soon as possible or the mold will reoccur.

Sudden Changes in Your Water Bills

In the case of a plumbing leak, you may notice an increase in the monthly water bill. Call a plumber to troubleshoot the issue and make repairs. Otherwise, you’ll be paying higher than necessary water expenses and the leak could become worse.

What to do if You Notice Signs of a Plumbing Problem

As a homeowner, the best way to resolve plumbing issues is to contact a professional as soon as possible. A trained plumber will be able to identify and resolve these plumbing problems before they become worse.

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