If you’ve been neglecting your roof, windows, floors, and gutters, it’s time to get to work on home maintenance. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home, leading to costly damages. Here are a few important ways to prepare your home for winter. Keep your family comfortable and your property in great shape with these tips.

Cover Bare Floors to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Tiled, wood, and laminate floors are beautiful, but they tend to lose heat and become cold and uncomfortable during winter. When temperatures drop, use rugs to boost your home’s insulation and comfort.

Insulate the Water Heater

Reduce your monthly power bill by insulating the water heater in your home. The tank that holds water will repeatedly cool off, especially when the temperatures are lower. Purchase a water heater blanket to wrap your heater and make it more energy-efficient.

Clean the Gutters

Another necessary home maintenance task is cleaning the gutters. To avoid clogged channels and the potential for water damage, remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutters. Make sure the downspouts are clean and that rain and snowmelt can flow freely away from the home.

Prepare Your Home for Winter by Filling Gaps and Cracks

When cold air gets into your home, it affects your comfort and the amount you pay on your power bill. Get your home ready for winter by filling cracks and gaps around windows and doors with silicone caulk. This will help reduce drafts and boost the energy efficiency of your house.

Clean the Fireplace

Clean the fireplace and chimney before building the first fire of the season. Hire a chimney sweep to remove creosote, a flammable material, from the inside of your chimney. Inspect the area and look for cracks and broken bricks and mortar. To help prevent fires, prepare the fireplace and repair any damage.

Taking care of your home before the coldest weather arrives means you’ll be warm and cozy all season.

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