Moving at any time of the year is overwhelming and stressful, but relocating in the winter creates additional challenges. However, a winter move also has advantages. Moving companies are less busy at this time of the year. The prices you pay during winter may be more favorable than in summer. To make relocating in cold weather seamless, stay organized, and use these tips to prepare for a winter move.

Choose Weatherproof Moving Supplies

Proper packing is essential when moving during winter. Protect your items from condensation and moisture that might cause mold growth. Fragile items like glassware may break or crack due to sudden temperature changes. To prevent this, use weatherproofing plastic wraps and thick blankets to protect your possessions from moisture and breakage. Minimize the exposure of delicate items by loading them into the vehicle last.

Prepare for a Winter Move by Packing in Advance

Packing ahead of moving day will save you time and frustration. You won’t feel as overwhelmed by moving day tasks if you’re all ready to load the truck. If you’re paying your moving crew by the hour, being ready on the day of will help you save money. Start packing non-essential items a month in advance and create a plan to tackle a little each day.

Be Ready for the Weather

Check the weather report and dress appropriately for the move. You’ll want to have layers in the winter so you can stay comfortable when working. Make sure you have an extra set of warm clothes in case you get wet with rain or snow. Pack lip balm, facial moisturizer, and hand lotion in your car to combat the effects of cold air on your skin. Bring hot beverages and soup in insulated containers. These will help to keep you and your crew from getting cold and hungry.

Prepare Your Car for a Winter Move

When preparing for a winter move, plan to carry fragile and cold-sensitive items like electronics in your vehicle. Your car needs to be ready for the move, so have needed repairs done ahead of time. Place a winter car emergency kit in the vehicle. Check the condition of the coolant system, tires, wipers, and brakes. If you expect a lot of snow and ice on the roads, install winter tires. Depending on where you live, you might also carry tire chains for extra caution.

Take Care of Your Pets

Pets tend to become curious and anxious during a move. To keep your pets safe and comfortable, and to reduce their stress, isolate them in a warm room in the house as you load the vehicles. Family members can take turns checking on the animals and spending time with them. Alternatively, board them in a pet daycare center or hire a sitter to take care of them on moving day.

Hire Professional Movers

Planning for a winter move and dealing with cold weather is usually more stressful than summer relocation. However, you can make the process a lot easier by hiring a moving company. Make sure that the movers have the experience and equipment to handle a winter move. Check customer testimonials and verify that they have insurance.

Although your moving company will do the bulk of the work for you, some of the tasks are your responsibility. Have everything ready to move out of the house when the movers arrive.

The above tips will make your move easier and less stressful. Preparing for a winter move is challenging, but achievable with proper planning.

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