Moving from one home to another is exciting, but it can also be costly. Between buying boxes to safely store your items, renting a moving truck, and paying movers, the costs can easily climb into the thousands. If you are interested in moving on a budget, here are some easiest ways to cut costs.

Moving on a Budget: Choose Months Out of the Peak Season

Did you know that the cheapest time of year to move is October through March? Most homeowners try to time moves with more excellent weather and when their children are out of school. If you are moving on a budget, moving during a less busy part of the year allows you to negotiate better rates from moving companies. It may also get you more personalized attention from busy movers.

Get Free Boxes if You’re Moving on a Budget

Boxes are another expense that adds up when moving. When you’re moving on a budget, ask family and friends for old boxes that they have lying around the house. Ask around at your workplace, supermarkets, or recycling centers to collect more boxes. You will find boxes in a broad range of sizes and might also find packing materials that save you money on bubble wrap or packing foam.

Read the Fine Print

There are many hidden expenses and penalties involved with moving. Cable companies often charge a fee if you break your contract, and utility companies all require additional notices to ensure you don’t end up paying for someone else’s electricity. If you are moving on a budget, plan ahead to avoid paying the penalty with service providers.

Start Packing Early

One of the easiest ways to reduce expenses when moving on a budget is not hiring professional help for the move. Unfortunately, this means you will need to spend time packing everything yourself. Start packing as early as possible and take it one box at a time. Extra books, DVDs, and out-of-season clothing can be packed months ahead of time without impacting your lifestyle.

Invite Family and Friends to Help

If you live near friends or family, ask them if they are willing to help out on moving day or the packing process the night before. Getting friends to help out if you pay for dinner or gas is an excellent way to save money by not hiring movers.

Moving is a process that can last for weeks or months, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Use these tips to help ease the burden of your next big move.

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