Home improvement projects are a popular way for homeowners to boost property value and make the house more attractive, especially if they plan to sell. But not every project has a great return on investment. Before committing the time and money to upgrades, learn about improvements that don’t add value to your home.

Improvements that Don’t Add Value to Your Home

Eliminating Bedrooms

Eliminating a bedroom, perhaps to create a home office or gym, may seem like a good idea, but you alienate potential homebuyers. Some buyers are only interested in seeing properties with a specific number of bedrooms, so if you’re going to be using a bedroom for another purpose, make sure you can easily convert it back into a bedroom before putting the house on the market.

Creating One Large Bathroom

If your home has two small bathrooms – or a full bath and a half-bath – you may think you’ll make the space more appealing by converting them into one large, spa-like bathroom. While this may have benefits, you could narrow the potential buyer pool. Some buyers, especially families, prefer more bathrooms in a home, even if they are small.

Removing the Bathtub to Make a Shower

Before you remove the bathtub and convert it into a luxury shower, think about the impact it could have on the value of your home. Buyers, especially with children or pets, will prefer at least one tub in the house. A bathtub in the home is something to keep in mind when planning improvement projects.

Improvements that Don’t Add Value: Carpeted Floors

Carpeted floors have benefits, like comfort, noise reduction, and insulation, but the appeal often comes down to trends and personal taste. Hardwood floors are typically a better option when selling a home. Hardwoods are durable, easy to clean, and appeal to many homebuyers.

Backyard Pool

A swimming pool may bring a lot of enjoyment to your family, which is something to consider when deciding to install one. However, a pool may not add value to your home. Backyard pools are a big responsibility for homeowners, and they require significant maintenance and expenses. There is also a safety issue to consider, especially for potential buyers with small children. They may see having a pool as a downside to the property.

Trendy High-End Renovations are Improvements that Don’t Add Value

Expensive kitchen remodels and high-end bathroom upgrades look great. Luxury appliances are convenient when hosting a party or entertaining guests. But you may find when you sell your home, the luxury kitchen renovation doesn’t recover its value. If you live in an older house, make sure the kitchen is clean and functional, but don’t spend a fortune on expensive components and appliances.

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