The front door is one of the most important places to boost security in a home. If your door is old or only has a single, standard lock, it is vulnerable to a break-in. To keep your loved ones safe, here are nine ways to improve front door security.

Improve the Security of Your Front Door

1. Add a Secondary Lock

The standard lock that usually comes with a basic front door is typically not very strong. These locks can be broken with force and should be replaced or reinforced with a stronger lock. To further improve security, add a deadbolt as a second lock.

2. A Video Doorbell Improves the Security of Your Front Door

A video doorbell is a modern device that allows you to see who is at the door. These smart devices connect to the internet so you can view your front door using a smartphone from anywhere in the world. With a video doorbell, the homeowner can speak to the person at the door remotely.

3. Cloud-Based Camera System

Installing a camera system around your property improves security. Cloud-based systems connect to the internet to enable you to view the front door from anywhere you have access to a smartphone. Most cloud-based systems offer subscription services that store footage in the cloud to access at a later date.

4. Replace the Front Door

If your front door is older or damaged, replace the entire door. Install a solid-core steel door as they are more secure for the entrance of your home. A new door also improves curb appeal and boosts property value.

5. Install the Hinges Inside

When installing a new door, be sure to keep the hinges on the inside of your home. This adds an extra layer of security to your front door as burglars won’t be able to unscrew the door hinges to get into the house.

6. Improve the Security of Your Front Door by Reinforcing the Glass

If you have windows in the front door, burglars can smash the glass to enter your home. To secure your front door, reinforce glass with vinyl so it won’t be easy to break. Another option is to install a metal grate over the glass.

7. Install a Smart Lock

A smart lock is a modern way to secure your front door. This device lets you lock the door from anywhere using your smartphone. These locks have the bonus of using keycodes to access the house. Using a smart lock enables you to create temporary keys for friends and family when they come to visit.

8. Don’t Hide a Key

Hiding a key near the front door is helpful if you find yourself locked out. However, burglars are aware of this practice and know where to look for keys. If you need to keep a key nearby, leave it with a trusted neighbor or in a lockbox so only you have access to it.

9. Install Motion-Sensor Lights

Keeping the outside of your home well-lit is a great way to deter criminals from trying to break in. In addition to adding better lighting outside, install motion sensors to switch on the light when anyone walks past.

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