Keeping your garage organized can be a daunting task. This area in a home can quickly become filled with tools, outdoor gear, holiday decorations, and other items you don’t want to store in your living spaces. But your garage doesn’t have to be cluttered and messy. Here are five tips for garage storage and organization to keep it tidy and functional.

Clear Out Unused Items

Get rid of any items that are no longer used regularly, such as old sporting equipment or gardening supplies. There is no reason to hold on to things you aren’t using. Donate these things or throw them away so they won’t take up valuable storage space in your garage.

If you’re storing furniture in your garage, you aren’t using it in your home. You might as well donate it or sell it.

Designate Garage Storage Zones

When organizing your garage, designate sections of the space for different types of items. Assigning areas will help control clutter and make it easier to find things when you need them. For example, dedicate one shelf or corner for gardening supplies, another section for sports equipment, and a different area for cleaning supplies. Label the boxes and bins you use for storage, so you’ll know where things belong.

Use Plastic Bins and Containers

For garage storage, use clear plastic containers with lids to quickly identify the contents without opening every box or bag when you need something. Plastic is usually the better choice for garages and basement because they are moisture-resistant and less likely to sustain water damage or mold growth. Containers are also helpful if you need to move or relocate items from one part of the garage to another.

Hang Your Belongings

Use vertical spaces by hanging tools, cleaning supplies, garden hoses, extension cords, etc., on the walls and ceiling of your garage – instead of stacking them on shelves or cluttering the floor. Install sturdy hooks on the walls to hold heavy items like bicycles and the weedwhacker, and use smaller hooks for lighter items such as rakes and brooms.

Use Shelves for Garage Storage

If you don’t have enough wall space, consider installing shelving units to store larger items like paint cans or power tools. You can also place smaller objects like boxes of screws and spray paint cans in baskets on the shelves. Lastly, consider adding adjustable shelves, which will allow you to customize their height according to what you’re storing – this way, you won’t waste any space.

You can quickly transform an unorganized mess into a neat and functional storage space with just a few simple steps. Set aside time to work on your plan for garage storage to reduce clutter in your home.

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