Is your deck or outdoor living area boring and drab? You can make your deck into an inviting and comfortable place to spend time with family and friends. Make the outdoor space one you are proud to show off with these 7 DIY deck upgrades.

DIY Deck Upgrades to Bring Life to Your Outdoor Living Space

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers improve any outdoor living area. Enhance your deck area by placing potted plants in corners and entryways. Choose a variety of different heights for pots to showcase each plant. Going into fall, plant evergreen shrubs and perennials that will come back in spring.

Privacy Walls

If you need more privacy for your deck, there are some simple fixes to make your space less exposed. If your deck is open to neighbors, build a privacy wall. You can also create a relaxed environment for your deck space by hanging outdoor curtains. Curtains will turn your deck into a cozy getaway right in your backyard. Wicker partitions and wooden shutter screens are other ways to add more privacy.

Pop of Color

Pick a color scheme for your deck that works well with the outside of your home. Style your deck area with colorful items like a bench, umbrella, and table decor.

DIY Deck Upgrades for Comfort

Deck upgrades can be as easy as adding some comfort to your existing outdoor furniture. Pillows and throw blankets will create an inviting space for your guests. They also give you a chance to add some personal character to your outdoor living area!

Outdoor Rugs

Rugs aren’t only for indoor spaces. Waterproof, UV-resistant outdoor rugs help tie a space together. They can also define a dining area from a sitting area. Plus, outdoor rugs will help catch dirt from shoes before it has the chance to enter your home.

DIY Deck Upgrades for Lighting

Hang inexpensive solar string lights between posts to add overhead lighting. Another way to use string lights is to wrap them around the railing of your deck and along any outdoor stairs. For table tops, use some lanterns or candles.

Stain or Paint

If your deck is looking worn, a simple stain or paint will help protect it and give it new life. You may want to highlight the wood grain with a stain if your deck is a textured wood. If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting option, then painting might be the best choice. Consider using a deck resurfacer on an older deck for further protection.

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